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rampstravaganza booster

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This Ramp Booster is a great stand-alone structure, but it also has a lot of expandability to add above-board rails, spinners, ball locks and more action in the front & left side of the playfield. We recommend you use cereal box board or watercolor paper & white glue or tape.  

Have fun!

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Assembly video


:::There are 2 pages to download and print.

:::Grab a cereal box, you'll only need 1 big one or 2 small ones

:::You'll need scissors or an x-acto, a playboard and the shapes pack that came in your kit (or you can improvise the shapes with cardboard ), and some glue (white glue or tape)

:::Watch the Assembly Video! It'll make it a bit easier, plus there's Pro Tips!

print these onto standard 8.5x11 paper

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