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Point Mod 2.0 and Drain Plug


These little mods are great! One sits in your Return Tray and the other works with the slot of your Middle Wall and sits on top of your Crush Protector to add some different sections to your Ball Return Tray and a way to stop marbles from feeding back into your tray. When a marble falls down the top far hole at either side of the Playboard, they will roll down and end up trapped in either side of the tray insert. This will help you keep track of your marbles during gameplay and when you go to add up your score at the end of flipping out!

Add an Extra Ball or a Multiplier for increased game dynamics!


:::Grab a cereal box, you'll only need 1 big one or 2 small ones

:::You'll need scissors or an x-acto, a playboard and some tape!

:::Watch the Assembly Video (coming soon!)

print this onto standard 8.5 x 11 paper

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 6.44.51 PM.png
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